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EHA welcomes vendor participation in the procurement process. To become one of our professional service providers, interested suppliers should routinely check our postings for needed services. Our procurement process follows some key objectives: We want to enhance the competitiveness of the supply base, as well as, ensure that EHA receives the greatest value for its money by leveraging the optimal combination of costs, service delivery, and quality.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the Edison Housing Authority has partnered with Bidnet Direct to publish our solicitations. This platform will allow vendors to submit bids electronically. We encourage you to visit periodically and the Edison Housing Authority website procurement page to see when professional services are needed.

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The Edison Housing Authority is accepting proposals for the maintenance of the grounds at Robert E. Holmes Gardens, 14 Rev. Samuel Carpenter Blvd, Edison, NJ and Julius Engel Gardens, Willard Durham Drive, Edison, NJ.  The contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment necessary.

Copies of the Request for Proposals may be obtained from the office of the Edison Housing Authority, 14 Rev. Samuel Carpenter Blvd., Edison, New Jersey 08820, telephone (908) 561-2525, email,  Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. beginning, Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

The work involved in the contract includes the cutting and trimming of grass, weed control, raking, removal of seasonal leaves, the application of fertilizer and planting of seasonal annuals.  Approximate dates are:  Shall begin April 24, 2023.  (1) Spring clean-up, (2) Fall cuttings and clean-ups that are spread two weeks apart and ends November 30, 2023. This is a one-year contract beginning April 24, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

The Authority understands any re-mulching around trees and beds will be done at an additional cost; and should be quoted as a separate line item – cost per yard.

The Authority understands any additional seeding or reseeding, which may include hydroseeding, will be done at the Authority’s request and shall be considered a separate line item.

The contractor will be required to provide grass cutting services at the facilities once every seven (7) days or once per week as required.  In general, grass shall be cut when it exceeds a height of three (3) inches.  A minimum cutting height of one and one-half inches is recommended.

Prior to proceeding with any grass cutting work, the contract will be required to have all debris removed the grass area to be mowed.  This clean-up is to consist of the removal of all debris, trash, limbs, etc. and any and all material foreign to the natural vegetation.

Special care should be taken to avoid throwing grass cuttings on building walls, automobiles in the designated parking areas, and directing grass clippings into mulched shrub beds.

Upon completing of the grass cutting, trimming and edging work, the contractor will be required to sweep and remove all grass cuttings from sidewalks, driveways and roadway areas.  The facility shall be left in a neat and presentable condition.

The following is a sample schedule of services:

Basic services to include normal site clean-up, cutting of grass, edging all walkways, trimming around all tress & fences, etc., Also to include:

  1. Spring and (2) fall clean up(s) (leaves, twigs, etc.)
  2. Pruning of shrubs & normal low tree branches as needed
  3. Spring weed control
  4. Summer fertilizer
  5. Fall/Winter fertilizer
  6. Insect Control
  7. Fertilizing to include all trees, shrubs, plantings.

The Authority will pay the Contractor monthly by the 15th day of the succeeding month.  The Contractor must prepare and file a request for each month’s payment in sufficient time to permit its proper review by the Authority’s officials and the maintenance of this payment schedule.

The contractor shall provide the following: business certification, list of references; proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and complete all forms provided under Exhibit A.

Site plans of the two properties are available at each location for review during the hours between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday, except on holidays.

Proposals are due by 12:00 Noon, Thursday, April 13, 2023, at the Edison Housing Authority, 14 Rev. Samuel Carpenter Boulevard, Edison, NJ.

For questions please call (908) 561-2525, ask for Deborah Hurley, Executive Director.

The RFP is amended providing under Exhibit B. correct NON-COLLUSION AFFIDAVIT and Insurance Statement forms. Please email Deborah Hurley, Executive Director at to receive correct forms.

Request for Proposals
Title Insurance Services

The Edison Housing Authority is seeking proposals from a firm/agency to provide Title Insurance Services for a Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) conversion. Copies of the Request for Qualifications may be obtained from the office of the Housing Authority (Purchasing Office) 14 Rev. Samuel Carpenter Blvd., Edison, New Jersey 08820, telephone (908) 561-2525, email Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. beginning Monday, March 6, 2023.

Proposals shall be submitted on or before 10:30 AM, Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Proposals shall be addressed to Deborah Hurley, Executive Director, Edison Housing Authority, 14 Rev. Samuel Carpenter Blvd., Edison, New Jersey 08820, telephone (908) 561-2525.

All questions should be submitted via email by 12:00 noon, Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

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