What is Portability?

  • Portability is renting a dwelling unit with Section 8 Voucher assistance outside the jurisdiction of the initial Housing Authority where you received your voucher.
  • Housing Choice Vouchers are accepted by cities across the country, giving families real choice about where they live. In the Housing Choice Voucher Program the rental assistance is “portable,” which means, it “moves” with you.
  • Portability allows you to move with continued assistance to any housing authority in the country that has a Housing Choice voucher program, regardless of whether the receiving Housing Authority bills or absorbs the cost.

How does Portability Work?

  • If you intend to move to another jurisdiction, outside Township of Edison, you must notify your landlord and EHA in writing (30-60days notice, please refer to your lease)when you want to move using the Portability Feature.
  • If you decide after your annual recertification that you want to port-out, please contact us at 908 561-8489 and request to speak with the portability specialist.
  • It is also necessary that you contact the housing authority where you plan to move because each HA has its own rules, regulations and deadlines.
  • Obtain the contact information so that your case information is properly transferred.

Porting to EHA

  • Contact your current housing authority to determine if you are eligible to transfer.
  • Mail Information: Edison Housing Authority, 14 Rev. Samuel Carpenter Blvd, Edison, NJ 08820 Attn: Portability Department.

Portability Request Form

If you are interested in porting your Housing Choice Voucher to Edison, you must first contact the public housing authority (PHA) that is administering your voucher to determine if you are eligible. If you are found eligible, your PHA will have you sign a voucher and send the required documents directly to Edison Housing Authority for Portability. Once your documents are received and approved, we will contact you for an appointment where you will be briefed on the rental process and receive your Edison Housing Choice Voucher authorizing you to begin your search for a prospective Section 8 apartment.

Edison Housing Authority is only billing and not absorbing currently.

Tenant Portability paperwork must be received by the 5th of the month for a 1st of the following month move-in.

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